The Site ...

looking up at the proposed site from Little River Park.

The Bluff ...

The Library Community Center will overlook the fields being built at Little River Park.

Hiking Trails

will lead from Little River Park to the new Lee Public Library Community Center.

View of the site

from the intersection of North River Road (155) and Love Lane.

Building Site Sign

A sign marking the site of the library community center was installed on August 26, 2013.

Front View ...

Showing the community room and outdoor patio area.

The Project

The new building will be a library community center with a multipurpose community room that will be available for use by members of the community. The estimated cost for the project is around $2 million. To fund the project, we will employ a combination of saving to the Lee Library Community Center Capital Reserve Fund, raising money through a Capital Campaign and borrowing the rest through a future bond.

The design will include:

  • 7,500-9,000 sq. ft. of public library space
  • A multipurpose room with access to rest rooms and a kitchen facility that can be used even when the library is closed
  • Green, sustainable and energy-efficient design that is architecturally compatible with the surrounding area. The southern exposure and wooded landscape at the proposed location adjacent to Little River Park lends itself well to green building design possibilities.
  • Having the town recreational and library facilities grouped in a central location will enhance the value of all these services to the entire community.

Working together, Lee can build it