Community Center with all of the features and benefits Lee needs ...

Quiet areas ...

to read and study.

A children's area

... that is colorful,spacious and right-sized.

Meeting Rooms ...

that are comfortable and available to the community, even after hours!

With space ...

to properly display the work of local artists

With room ...

that allows us to expand our collection to meet the changing needs of the community.

A place ...

that offers special programs just for teens!

Accessible ...

a place everyone can visit and enjoy.

Energy Efficient,

green and sustainable.

Thanks to the Lee Energy Committee for helping to Warm Up the Library, December 5, 2012

History of the Lee Public Library

The Lee Public Library was organized in 1892 on the second floor of the Town Hall building. The town report for 1893 listed expenses of $23.32 for books, $6.25 for supplies and $3.00 paid to the first librarian, Lizzie Stearns.

Today the library has grown from its original collection of 348 books in 1894 to 24,251 books, 949 audio books, 907 videos and DVDs and 56 magazine subscriptions. Public access computers offering internet, Microsoft Office and access to specialized databases such as Ancestry Library are available for use.

In 2007, the Board of Selectmen formed the Town Center Committee to explore possible locations for future town facilities. The southern exposure and wooded landscape at the proposed location for the library community center adjacent to Little River Park lends itself well to green building design possibilities. Having the town recreational and library facilities grouped in a central location will enhance the level of these services to the entire community.

Working together, Lee can build it