Community Center with all of the features and benefits Lee needs ...

Quiet areas ...

to read and study.

A children's area

... that is colorful,spacious and right-sized.

Meeting Rooms ...

that are comfortable and available to the community, even after hours!

With space ...

to properly display the work of local artists

With room ...

that allows us to expand our collection to meet the changing needs of the community.

A place ...

that offers special programs just for teens!

Accessible ...

a place everyone can visit and enjoy.

Energy Efficient,

green and sustainable.

Thanks to the Lee Energy Committee for helping to Warm Up the Library, December 5, 2012

Why do we need a Community Center? Aren’t there already plenty of meeting rooms in Lee?

The meeting room at the current library is located in the basement and not ADA-compliant. At most, it can accommodate 30. As a result, most of the library-sponsored programs are held off-site in the Public Safety Complex or the Grange.  Yes, there are other gathering places such as the Lee Church and the gymnasium and cafeteria at Mast Way School, but these spaces are not always compatible with programming needs and are already being regularly used. The various town commissions and committees as well as local community organizations such as the scouts -- all need spaces to meet that are comfortable, easy to access and suitable for the planned activity whether it’s a small group meeting, a reception for local artists, a community dinner, craft workshop or children’s program.  Currently, there are not enough spaces to meet the demand and scheduling conflicts frequently occur.

The modern library is a community gathering place which offers opportunities to connect with neighbors and the world. The desire for this connection has been well-demonstrated:  Over the past three years, adult attendance at library-sponsored program has increased by 123%. Despite its drawbacks, the library meeting room is in constant demand for meetings and programs – meetings frequently spill over into the library proper – to the one available table upstairs, which means people trying to study must retreat into the stacks to find a quiet spot and those working at the public computers are disturbed. 

But a community gathering place is not just about more meeting rooms – the new Library Community Center will also offer a comfortable place to sit and chat with a friend over a cup of coffee, browse through magazines, or have a friendly discussion with a neighbor about the headlines in the newspapers.  There is no such place available in the town of Lee – a central place where all its citizens can come together, learn together, share their ideas and experiences – a place that can and will turn our town into a community.

Working together, Lee can build it