Community Center with all of the features and benefits Lee needs ...

Quiet areas ...

to read and study.

A children's area

... that is colorful,spacious and right-sized.

Meeting Rooms ...

that are comfortable and available to the community, even after hours!

With space ...

to properly display the work of local artists

With room ...

that allows us to expand our collection to meet the changing needs of the community.

A place ...

that offers special programs just for teens!

Accessible ...

a place everyone can visit and enjoy.

Energy Efficient,

green and sustainable.

Thanks to the Lee Energy Committee for helping to Warm Up the Library, December 5, 2012

How much will the new building increase my property taxes?

The current estimated rate for a 20-year bond for the June 2015 bond sale is 4%. If the $1.3 million bond passes and is procured in June, the highest tax impact will be in 2016; each year thereafter, the bond’s tax impact will be reduced.

Annual estimated increased taxes in 2016 on Lee property values:

Home Valuation Yearly Tax Impact
$200,000 -- $56.00
$300,000 -- $84.00
$400,000 -- $112.00
$500,000 -- $140.00

Working together, Lee can build it