Community Center with all of the features and benefits Lee needs ...

Quiet areas ...

to read and study.

A children's area

... that is colorful,spacious and right-sized.

Meeting Rooms ...

that are comfortable and available to the community, even after hours!

With space ...

to properly display the work of local artists

With room ...

that allows us to expand our collection to meet the changing needs of the community.

A place ...

that offers special programs just for teens!

Accessible ...

a place everyone can visit and enjoy.

Energy Efficient,

green and sustainable.

Thanks to the Lee Energy Committee for helping to Warm Up the Library, December 5, 2012

Lee Votes Saturday, March 18!

03/18/2017 - 7:00am to 7:00pm
Date change!

Please support Warrant Article #4: To see if the town will vote to change the purpose of the Lee Library/Community Center Capital Reserve Fund, from building a new Library and Community Center on Map Lot #02-01-01 to a fund whose purpose is to cover capital expenditures for the town’s library building and to change the fund name to the Lee Library Building Capital Reserve Fund and to appoint the board of Selectmen as agent to expend. (2/3 vote required.) (Recommended by the Select Board.)

Why the change? Currently, because of the specific wording, the funds in this capital reserve fund may ONLY be spent on a new library community center built on the bluff overlooking Little River Park. As you know, a bond to build at this site was voted down in 2015.

Changing the purpose of the Lee Library/Community Center Capital Reserve Fund will allow these funds to be spent on improving library facilities at a location of the town’s choosing.


Public Safety Complex

Working together, Lee can build it